The concept of Maha Katta originated to achieve some of the objectives set by Maharashtra Mandal Netherlands (MMNL) to

 – Help develop a support system in the Netherlands

– Integrate better within the Dutch society.

 Maha Katta – Maha (derived from the state of Maharashtra) and Katta means a platform (or bench) built around a tree or any boundary or wall surface, generally a place where people meet and talk. It is an informal meeting place where ideas and pleasantries are exchanged.

The primary objective of this initiative will be to provide the Indian origin community (primarily for members of MMNL) with contemporary information w.r.t. important matters in The Netherlands such as knowledge about the Dutch society, finance, tax, housing, education, health care etc. We believe this could support the Indian origin community to further integrate within the Dutch society. Such sessions are of informal nature. Participants seeking direct or indirect information are requested to validate the information as MMNL or any members associated with this initiative will not assume any responsibility or liability. We aim to host such sessions through a panel of experts within the respective areas.

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